Emotional Being.

Disclosure! I am an extremely emotional being. The weirdest and strangest things do set me off on, sometimes, a rollercoaster ride. People say I’m sensitive…

So, what is the definition of sensitive: Oxford languages say:

  • Quick to detect or respond to slight changes, signals or influences
  • Having or displaying a quick and delicate appreciation of other’s feelings
  • A person who is believed to respond to paranormal influences

Oxford Languages Copyright © 2023 Oxford University Press. All rights reserved.

A lot of the time “sensitive” is used much more than “sensible” It is likely used to describe someone who over-reacts to ordinary situations.

I have often wondered where or who I have inherited this personality trait from… (More on this later, I would say as I discover more.) I can say that I have always been a natural caretaker. This shows in the particular work and voluntary roles I have had throughout my life. I tend to offer myself totally. Offering comfort and helping those who suffer or are suffering. Also, I tend to go out of my way to avoid offending others. However, if I am crossed, you will know about it!

At times, I do feel different and very much alone. I have really lost count of being told “toughen up”. A lot of the time, my gut feeling tells me to see through people but do I take it on board? At times, I don’t and suffer – It feels as though I’ve been used and this is usually correct.

Being a sensitive also heightens my senses – I see things that others don’t. I hear things that others don’t. I sense things that others don’t.

Sometimes it all can be overwhelming which in turn can make me feel exhausted. Nap time!! I do feel, at times, I am easily manipulated due to my caring nature – Am I a soft touch – maybe…

I never set out to hurt others in any shape or form. I am extremely compassionate. People I have met and let into my world know me. I do give others, chances where I probably shouldn’t. As I have said when I am crossed these people know!!

People come into one’s life for various reasons – usually to learn – Some people become good friends, others pass in and out – some return – many don’t…

Where to from here…

I need to take care of myself. The world does need so much more caring to be passed around. There are others but since we like to “be alone” they can be difficult to find/detect. Meditation, exercise and mindfulness are the key.

Please note: A lot of the above information has come via Arcadian Counselling. https://arcadiancounseling.com/


You may ask, why have I included myself being an Emotional Being?

Within our family trees, there are others that have the same traits as we do. Some of us get an entire bucketful of these (I have got my fair share) and others only bits and pieces. Most of the time, we will never know where we get our personality traits from, mainly because we never knew those who came before us. I have been extremely lucky to have known my parents, their parents and even a couple of great-grandparents so I have a good idea of where I have obtained some of these traits. There will be some more of this in upcoming blogs. I am sure you will pick them.

Ask yourself?

Can you ask yourself, where have I got such and such traits from? It can even be some mannerism… Keep notes.

Are you an Emotional Being?


  1. Well this confirms what I knew about you rod…. I am indeed very similar… I tend to a fault give 100% but if crossed then you know about it… Also being very sensitive leads or adds to my shyness which has often stopped me doing things which may have benefited my growth as a person… but you learn through your mistakes don’t you……keep up the blog this piece struck home especially


  2. You are very much in tune with yourself, Rod. As John Strepka has mentioned, it makes you think about your own traits & who you inherited them from.


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