Life is full of possibilities. These possibilities come to us as choices. It is up to us to choose the outcome of that possibility. At the time, we have no real idea what that choice is nor the outcome that will be given. I believe it is a lesson in life where we make a choice and then the endless possibilities that occur.

It is like a fork in a road – turn left – a set of possibilities arise – turn right – another set of options occurs. No matter what choice we make and the possibilities given – we will be in the “right” place where we need to be at that time – Is it free will? You may ask – again, asking is a choice and the possibilities are given.

The Collins Dictionary defines POSSIBILITY as:

A noun:

  • the state or condition being possible
  • anything that is possible
  • a competitor, candidate etc who has a moderately good chance of winning, being chosen etc
  • a future prospect or potential

Quotation: (Aristotle “Poetics”)

“Probable impossibilities are to be preferred to improbable possibilities”.

The Collins Dictionary defines CHOICE as:

A noun:

  • the act or an instance of choosing or selecting
  • the opportunity or power of choosing
  • a person or thing chosen or that may be chosen
  • an alternative action or possibility
  • a supply from which to select
  • see of choice

An adjective:

  • of superior quality; excellent
  • carefully chosen, appropriate
  • vulgar or rude

(Joseph Roux “Meditations of a Parish Priest”)

“We often experience more regret over the part we have left, than pleasure over the part we have preferred”.

Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers


Look back at one’s own life and see where choices were made – these choices or should I say, events have had an impact on one’s life – make a choice, open up the possibilities…

Sometimes you may think you are making a choice but it has been forced on you eg commencing school. You are usually forced to go to school – then appear the possibilities…

The different subject matter (maybe you chose some of these, others, again, are forced upon you – like the three Rs (Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic).

I never really understood the 3Rs… there is only one that actually starts with the letter R!

As we move along our path in life, we all make choices. Some have appeared to be a good choice but look back at the quotation: Was there regret? Was there a “what if” or an “if only” moment… See, the possibilities are rising!!

Do what you have to…

Do what you want to…

Do it, Do it, Do it!


Close your eyes and imagine possibilities. Like right here, right now.

Let your mind wander… What is it that you see?

Look and listen when you make your next choice…

Would you make a list of choices and the possible outcomes? Do I dare you?

Family History Research.

Okay, now think about your family history research. What possibilities and/or choices have you made? Did Aunty Betty have that child or was it really her mother’s… What was your choice? Why didn’t Uncle Berty ever marry? What possibilities have you come up with on this one?

Have you made any shortcuts? Ah, think of that juicy HINT button!

We are ALL making choices from ALL the possibilities presented. Some right. Some wrong. You know what you do in your life… so does it really matter…

Future blog.

Look out for the upcoming blog on Secrets… you will get an idea…

What are you thinking right now? Right here?

Be BRAVE – Take a stance – Add them to the comments…

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