Mad World.


The ravens descend and screech to the world. Then there is peace… In the distance, the sounds can still be heard. Mad World.

Public servants descend like vultures with never-ending chatter… They sound like ravens… Idle chatter drawn into one. Mad World.

“All around me are familiar faces

Worn out places, worn out faces

Bright and early for the daily races

Going nowhere, going nowhere”

Original Song by Tears for Fears (1983) “Mad World”

Just as how the song goes, familiar faces, places… going nowhere… It’s how this world has become! Why do people rush? What about the want-to-bs? Mad World.

A silent “hello” emerges from the noise of the day. Asking, “can you hear me?” “Can you hear me?” Then, silence, again, falls upon this world… Mad World…

Questions. Questions. Questions.

Enquiry after enquiry – what is the purpose? Why bother? Giving details may be over the top. Interview in a café!! Mad World.

Create, Create, Create… What are you creating? Hey, look into the past. See what you find – go on an adventure – find and create for yourself.

Explore. Discover!

So, what does “Mad World”, have to do with ancestry and locating ancestors? Start by looking at oneself and look at the words in the song: Do you see it yet? All those names, dates and places – are they familiar faces? All the places – what are they like today? What were they like before? As we age, our faces can become worn out. Where are we going? Where are we going? Is it nowhere?

Oops, a Brick Wall!

“Mad” World.

Think about your “Mad” world. What are three things you may discover or you’ve already discovered? Write them down… What are they? Add them to the comments.

My mad world is made up of:

  1. No one stays in the same place forever.
  2. Change will happen whether you want it or not.
  3. Open up to discoveries – good or bad.

You may see patterns occur.

Is this what your ancestors found as well. How do your three things fit with what you have discovered or may discover about your ancestor/ ancestors?

Are you actually listening? Go inside and look. I am fairly sure you have. If you haven’t then why not? You know – Mad World. Make sense of it through the discoveries.

What are you looking at?

Think about it for a while…

What are you looking at?


Please add to the comments, we would all like to know…


This content was written in mid-January 2023 whilst in Canberra, Australia.

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