Remember when you were a child, most likely sitting in the back seat of the family car. Parents in the front – not really talking as such – then it’s, “Are we there yet?” echoing throughout the car. We always know there is an ending, no matter the subject matter.


I often have wondered why we say, “Are we there yet?” and once we arrive at the destination, after a while, we ask – “Can we go home?” or “When are we going home?” Do you know the answer?


From my perception, human beings are a very strange bunch! We want things to be over quickly – we tend not to value what is happening around us. My observations of today’s society are – seek instant gratification otherwise it’s not worth it. I do wonder why in this throw-away society is what it is – just buy new.


You may be wondering what this has to do with researching our ancestors. It fits perfectly. With a fair amount of documentation online and the online platforms, one can collect, fairly instantly an entire family tree going back across many generations.


You may have seen the hints – “You can add 28 people or more ancestors to your tree! Just click and it’s done!! “Are we there yet?” Wow, instant gratification but…

For all those people who collect names, dates and places, this may be so, but is the information correct. Is that William Cartwright the right one? Have you researched all the details and eliminated all the Williams with the same details before adding him to your tree. You may ask yourself? “Are we there yet?” The answer is most likely, no!


Will you ever have an ending in your tree or even your research – most likely no. One can set up boundaries so it appears there is an ending but… one usually finds another piece and then another piece to add to your puzzle and the boundary is breached.

Are endings good, bad or indifferent?

You be the judge.

Are you in control?

Are we there yet?

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