Who Am I? Or is it Who I am! (Part One).

Moving on from a previous blog, “Emotional Being”… (published 24 Feb 2023)

Who Am I? I was born in the mid-1950s – Those who enjoy labels and slotting people into boxes say, I’m a Baby Boomer!

The town where I was born is about 590 miles north of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Yes, I used miles on purpose! The region is known for its sugar cane production or is it now – was known?


My parents were 20 years old at the time of my birth. My ancestry is a mix of cultures. (I will be explaining this later in part two). It is weird to say but every one of my ancestors who came to Australia ended up in the same region. I often wonder and ask myself – when did their paths cross? Being a sugar cane region, there were many transient workers who worked the “season”. Who these people were and where they went, I have no idea. But you can find out!

Do you know where all your ancestors came from? Please make a comment if you do…


I do have a missing link in my tree (look back at my first posting (published 26 Jan 2023) to see the outline of my tree – figure 1 – Austin Ancestor Chart). I am sure you would spot it… Family stories (or are they secrets) have run rampant – more on this another time…

I briefly know how my parents, my father’s and my mother’s parents met. Of course, exact details are lost – remember to ask questions now before it’s too late…


To unravel, “Who I am”, I believe I need to look at my great-grandparents – all of them…

Where did they come from – birth places can be a red herring. For those who collect names, places and dates – you will never really know who you are. If you have not read my writing – “Adding Context” (published 7 Feb 2023), you can add value to your research and get a glimpse at who you are!

Ask Questions.

Feel free (within reason) to ask me about my writing. I write as I see it, some may think it’s all crap… that’s your choice.

I am a fairly open book – ask and I usually tell – why worry about secrets – refer to my previous writing – “Secrets” (published 24 Mar 2023).

Back to who am I and who I am.

My ancestors came from a variety of places across England and Scotland. Just to round things off, I have my mystery family from Prussia – Is this where I get my sensitivity from? Currently, I can’t answer that but I am working on it.

More in Part Two…

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