Who Am I? Or is it Who I am! (Part Two).

My Make Up.

Who I am?

My English ancestors mostly came from East Anglia – the region loosely covers Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex.

To get the bigger picture (Ah, context), you need to investigate what is “East Anglia” or even, where is “East Anglia”? I am not going into this here. You can go check out our friend Google for more information if you wish. I will be going into more about these counties in later writings…


When I look into the East Anglian region, I can see parts of who I am…

Travelling west of East Anglia, I have ancestors from Shropshire. This county borders Wales (Yes, I do have Welsh connections but not in my direct lines). Shropshire is also called SALOP (Check with our friend Google for more info). When I write Shropshire and/or SALOP, I get an immense feeling of pride. I have no idea why – it just is!



Roughly, I am made up of about 50% English…

Now, off to Scotland. I tend to think my Scottish ancestors are both from the Highlands and the Lowlands.

I do have huge Scottish pride. Knowing I have Scottish blood running through my veins gives me strength. A sense of power – belonging – oh to be in Scotland and hear the accent – to feel the joy as Clans gather and go through their rituals – I say this is part of who I am and what makes me who am I… From the whiskey trails to the Perthshire countryside – Scottish pride is part of me… (This will all come out in later writings).



Roughly, I am made up of about 25% Scottish…

And so to my mystery side – Is this why at times, I feel mysterious – Prussia.

One of my grandmothers would cry when I asked questions about her mother’s family. To this day, I never found out why. Is this the part of me that has the sadness that I encounter as I pass through this life?


What was going on in their lives when they took a ship bound for Australia in the late 1870s from Hamberg to arrive in Central Queensland – all unknown. Was there a sense of loss, as I feel that as I write. There are so many questions and so few answers.

Is this where I get my enquiring mind? Is this where I get the sense to investigate? To discover and not let go. Is it part of my beliefs, values and the, not knowing…


Roughly, I am made up of 25% Prussian…

You will know there is a missing part – the family stories – the missing part! Do I have a missing part? I would say yes and like my Prussian ancestors, this just leads to wanting to know more…


Roughly, I have a missing part of 12.5%

So, Who Am I? I am a bit of all those who have passed this way.

Who I am – a mixture of all my ancestors.

All of my ancestors have given a piece of themselves to me. I find it a joy and privilege to be where I am – knowing who was here before me.

I am ME…

(Please note: all the percentages have nothing to do with DNA)

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